Thursday, March 21, 2013

Project Delete

Hi! My name is Sara and I am a photo hoarder!
Phew! That feels nice to get off my chest! Seriously, I am really bad at deleting photos. I mean, really, REALLY bad! I save anything, like a hoarder, just in case I could possibly use it one day. And while that is a good reason to keep some photos, I also save a lot of junk that is the result of practicing a new technique or multiple shots taken in attempt to achieve something I have in mind. I even save the blurry ones.

My hard drive is filling up fast and slowing my computer down, so it is time to take control of the situation. I have to stop, but I also have to go back about 6 years and rectify the situation there too. So slowly but surely I'm going back through all of my photos and deleting. I set two main criteria to help me along the way.

1. Anything blurry goes! (Unless, of course, it was meant to be blurry.)
2. If it has no clear subject and nothing interesting about it, hit delete! 

It's been hard, but I'm working my way through and I've deleted over 300 photos so far! I think there will still be junk left when I'm done, but at least it's a start.

Do you have criteria for what photos you delete? Do you delete it as soon as you import, or are you a terrible hoarder like me? If you have any tips or criteria for letting go, please share! I need all the help I can get!

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Sonya said...

I am a photo hoarder too! I just can't part with photos of my kids unless they are blurry...REALLY blurry!

Although when I am editing photos for a client if the eyes are closed, blurry or whatever those get trashed pretty easily. :)