Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do you think God gets annoyed?

So there's this person that really annoys me and little miss spy. This person is nice enough really, they just have some really annoying habits. You have to know that little miss spy and I talk about just about everything, it's not that we are gossipy people really. So we IM back and forth about this person's annoying habits occasionally and have a good laugh.

Yesterday, we were having a GOOD laugh at this person's expense. (I promise we really aren't mean people!) So I jokingly commented, "We are both going to Hell." Little miss spy's response was priceless. She said:

I doubt it.
Even God's probably annoyed.

LOL This, of course, made me laugh harder! She then suggested I write a post contemplating whether God gets annoyed. This was all in good fun and we then headed off to our work holiday party. Well, I think God was annoyed at me for that conversation and even thinking about writing this post because the party seemed like some kind of punishment! So here I am writing more of a humorous summary rather than a contemplation. Don't want to get myself in any more trouble with the Big Man! On a more positive note: The food was good last night! So that's always a plus! :)

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