Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh the joys of car ownership!

We are still at my parents' house enjoying a nice, relaxing vacation. Today, both my parents had to go back to work so we planned on getting our inspection sticker on my car. We left my parents' house around 11:20 am, hoping to get it in before the mechanic went to lunch. We get to the place, wait 20 minutes because someone else's car was in on the machine, only for the guy to tell us that their inspection machine just broke. Great! What a waste of time!

So I call up my dad and ask where else in town we can get a sticker. We head across town and arrive at the second garage at 11:53 am. Unfortunately, they inform us that their mechanic goes to lunch from 12-1 pm. At this point, my hubby is pretty irritated, but there's nothing we can do about it and it's lunch time so I decide maybe my hubby will be a little less grumpy if he gets some lunch in his belly.

We go back to my parents', eat some lunch and arrive back at garage number two right at 1 pm. Now, there are 2 cars in front of us though, so we wait. Finally, the mechanic pulls our car in. Less than a minute later, he informs us that there's a new Massachusetts law and that our license plate is too faded. Since he hadn't started the rest of the inspection, he told us to go to the RMV and turn in our plates to get some new plates and then he wouldn't have to give us a rejection sticker.

At this point the hubby is livid! I'm laughing because I know there's nothing we can do about it. So we head to the RMV, only to pull up to the door and see that apparently it has moved! We drive back across town to the new location and low and behold they are closed for lunch from 1-2 pm! I can now see fire in my hubby's eyes.

At this point it was only 1:20 pm so we drove back to my parents'. I left the hubby at home since he was still such a grump. My father left work and drove with me down to the RMV at 2 (in case they gave me any problems switching the plates) and of course the line was out the door! We wait and wait and finally get the new plates (and at no charge!)!

I screwed in the new plates and headed back across town to the second garage. Now there are 3 cars in front of me. I wait and wait and wait some more. Finally, after what seems like a lifetime, they pull in my car and at this point I'm expecting something else to go wrong. But no, it passed and I got a sticker! It's about time!

I paid and got the Hell out of there!! I arrived back at my parents' house at 3:07 pm, 3 1/2 hours after I left orignially! What a way to spend a day, but I guess it just comes with the responsibilities of owning a car!


little miss spy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Where's the new RMV? Remember Ryan was saying it moved?

*sara* said...

It's on Main Street in the old Roberts Co. building now. I don't remember Ryan saying it but the first thing he said when we told him the story was, "I told you guys!" lol