Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm so hungry!

As I mentioned before, I ate WAY TOO MUCH good food while I was home for 5 days over Thanksgiving. Ever since I've been back, I've tried to get back on my normal food schedule, but I'm hungry ALL THE TIME! I think my stomach stretched out from all the pie and carbs and general goodness I ate.

You see, the women in my family are "feeders." This is a term I have developed on my own, so please allow me to explain. Essentially, anything can be a reason to pressure you to eat something loaded with butter, sugar, salt and anything else that may cause an early death from clogged arteries. For example, some of these reasons include:

You're getting too skinny, eat something!


Don't worry. Have something to eat and you'll feel better!


We're celebrating something, so we eat.


We're sad about something, so we eat.


It's been 2 hours since we ate something, let's eat.

or one of my favorite guilt trips

That's all you're having?! Don't you like the dinner I made??

or if you just stop by to say hi

What can I get you to eat? You can't leave without having something!

I think you get my point. Don't get me wrong, the food is GOOD! But everything in our family revolves around eating.

This got me thinking about foods I always have in our pantry/refrigerator/freezer, and how everyone has different staples that they always have on hand. The 6 things we always have are:
  • eggs
  • cereal
  • American cheese
  • chicken in the freezer
  • a couple boxes of pasta
  • and my hubby always has ice cream in the freezer
It looks like a sad little list, but in a pinch pasta, a fried egg or cereal makes a great, quick dinner!

So, what's ALWAYS in your pantry/refrigerator/freezer?

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