Monday, December 8, 2008

I have a serious case of the Mondays...

It was a pretty relaxing weekend for me! I was completely content to sit on my couch, in my sweatpants and do almost nothing. I didn't even shower yesterday, and it was wonderful!

I did finish the little bit of Christmas shopping I had left on Saturday though. :) I am a very happy camper about that. I just have to wrap it all and bake a few dozen cookies.

I barely slept last night. I get myself thinking about things I have to get done and things going on and I get all worked up. I know I shouldn't think about it once I get in bed, but sometimes I can't help myself. What is it about advice that we can all dish it out with ease, but when it comes to taking it we're completely oblivious!

Needless to say, after a nice relaxing weekend and not much sleep last night, I was not too happy when the alarm went off this morning and I had to come to work.

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