Monday, December 8, 2008

This season's sock collection!

Little miss spy requested that I write about this season's sock collection. I thought it was just funny enough a request to maybe make me smile today, so here goes...

Everyone loves a nice warm pair of socks in the winter! Old Navy has these comfy looking fuzzy socks. I love these kind for around the house in the winter, but they are just too thick and warm to wear with shoes in my opinion. I tend to lose circulation in my toes if I do, so my feet end up simultaneously freezing and soaked with sweat!

The green with red trim are especially festive for the season!

American Eagle seems to have a lot of striped socks on their website. These were my favorite:

Although, they seem really tall! You have to have long, skinny calves and loose jeans for those socks!

Target even has socks for your iPod if you want!

And now for the best socks I found so far...Walmart has these if you happen to love Christmas and...poodles?!

And if these socks weren't great enough just for the Christmas poodles, they even have separated toes!

Hopefully you enjoyed my favorite socks of the season! I hope you all have nice warm tootsies! :)

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