Friday, December 19, 2008

Fancy Pants

Little miss spy has a nice pair of jeans that she likes to wear. Last week, she mentioned that she thought there was something wrong with them because they zipped and buttoned on the opposite side as all her other pants. I, of course, looked down at my jeans and she was right. Wednesday night was our work holiday party so we all got dressed up. The first time I went to the ladies' room I noticed that my black dress pants zipped on the opposite side too! Little miss spy was in meetings most of the day so I forgot to mention it to her until yesterday when we were leaving. She got all excited and began to explain!

Apparently, she mentioned the situation with her jeans to The Schwarz and he knew why this was! It was such a cool trivia fact to find out, that I just had to share. Apparently, if you go back in time, wealthy women used to have someone else dress them. So the zipper and button was on the opposite side to accommodate a right handed person that was dressing someone else! Fancy women's pants have retained this for some reason, even though women tend to dress themselves today. This also explains why men's pants never have the button and zipper on the opposite side because they always dressed themselves!

I thought it was a pretty cool fact to know, so a big thanks to The Schwarz for sharing his knowledge on fancy pants!

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