Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm so tired...

Going to work just sucks the life out of me lately. I don't feel productive. I don't feel creative. I don't feel intelligent. I know I am all of these things, but by the time I get home, I don't have the energy to believe that I am. It is such a condescending environment. For over a year, I have been put down. I have fought to prove that I am intelligent, that I have great ideas and that I'm a hard worker. Everyone around me sees it except the one person that should acknowledge it. It doesn't do any good. And now I'm tired, exhausted really. I have 5 weeks left and nothing left to give. I can't wait to escape and get myself back, to believe these things about myself again. I can't wait to have any energy back and the desire to do anything but crash on the couch.


Kristen and Giff said...

Awwww Sara - you are a beautiful, intelligent, caring, thoughtful, creative and wonderful woman. You are an asset to any company you work for and if your boss doesn't recognize that then he's really missing out on something. He might not know it yet but he's really going to be sorry to see you go. You deserve to work somewhere better though - somewhere that will love you for all that you bring to the table. So as you say, even though this situation is really hard - it's a blessing in disguise.


*sara* said...

You're so sweet! Thank you for saying those things :) Friday was a rough day for me, but I'm feeling much more positive this morning thankfully!