Monday, November 3, 2008

Operation NICE: Make a Love List

Little miss spy and I have been trying very hard lately to do anything necessary to try and stay positive. By 9am this morning, I was already having a rough day and she sent me a link to this post on a blog called Operation NICE. At first I thought, "Great! Another blog to get addicted to and try to keep up with." But she advised me to just read this post and to do it. She planned on doing it too. I thought it couldn't hurt and it might even cheer me up a little bit. It also fits really well with my post from Saturday. So here goes:

I love how my husband dances with me in the kitchen when we're cooking dinner. I love that he loves me, faults and all, just the way I am. I love rolling over every morning and seeing him sleeping next to me. I love that no matter how old I get, to my dad, I'm always his little girl. I love my mom's unconditional, never-ending support. I love how much my sister values my opinion. I love little miss spy's youthful energy and contagious smile.

Thinking about some of the people I love did cheer me up a little bit. :) So, I decided to try out the original love list too!

I love the warmth of the sun on my face. I love the sound and smell of the ocean. I love weddings and watching the bride and groom so in love. I love capturing a moment in a photograph. I love doing things I didn't want to do and ENJOYING THEM. I love watching babies experience and discover things for the first time. I love the fall and foliage and the smell of chimney smoke. I love the first snow. I love writing and reflecting and growing.

Wow, that really made me smile!

What does your love list look like?

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