Thursday, November 20, 2008


Little miss spy is on vacation in Florida this week. Since she didn't pack me in her suitcase, it's been a rough week without her here at work. Time is going by soooooo slowly, but I've seemed to make it to Thursday, so I guess I'll survive. Thinking about her off having fun in the sun has gotten me thinking about my favorite vacations.

I think one of my FAVORITE vacations was definitely my honeymoon in Jamaica! After all the planning, stress and excitement, it was wonderful to decompress, relax and just enjoy my new hubby! We went to Sandals Negril which I HIGHLY recommend! The all-inclusive was great for us. We didn't have to carry cash around with us, everything we could have needed or wanted was all on the resort, and SCUBA diving didn't have any extra fees! For us, it was perfect: sun, sand, ocean, drinks and a gorgeous suite all to ourselves! For your viewing pleasure (and because I'm wishing I was there right now):

Growing up we often took cruises as our family vacations. They are a lot fo fun and there is so much good food! Plus, it's great that there's something for everyone all on the same ship. But I think my favorite family vacations growing up were our camping trips to Lake George, New York every summer. My grandparents have a trailer and we have been going every summer since I can remember. When we were little, my dad used to wake my sister and I up early. We would drive to McDonald's and get a hash brown and orange juice, then we would watch the sun rise over the lake. We would sit around the campfire at night and roast marshmallows. And now that we're older, we go out on the boat tubing.

Not everyone is into the "family fun" thing. My family is certainly far from perfect! But they're mine and I love them and camping is still one of my favorite vacations. Here's some photos from this summer:

What was your favorite vacation or favorite vacation growing up?

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