Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Need a calendar for 2009?

Check this one out that little miss spy found from Fitzsu!! WICKED COOL!


I have another busy few days ahead of me. We're driving 3 hours to my parents' house this afternoon for the 3rd time in 12 days! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we'll be at my parents' house, then my mother-in-law's, then my hubby's grandparents. Friday, you can consider me clinically insane because I'll be shopping all day with my mom, sister and gram. Saturday we'll be going to a local wedding reception for a friend of ours who got married in Utah. Sunday we'll be helping my hubby's brother and his wife move. Monday there may be some more moving in the morning, then we want to get a Christmas tree and we'll drive back home. So we're still really busy. I'm looking forward to next weekend where I might just be able to sit and relax! But something will probably come up!

I hope you all have safe trips if you're traveling! Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

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