Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter's on the way!

It was a whole 19 degrees when I left for the train station this morning! This was the first morning that it was clear that winter is on it's way. I was bundled up in my long wool coat, scarf and gloves and I was still shivering! As I was waiting for the train though, I noticed a man wearing shorts and a t-shirt!! Yes, I said shorts and a t-shirt! And he didn't even look cold! makes me cold just thinking about him.

I love the cold and change of seasons though. It's a constant reminder of the cycles in our lives. When my hubby and I lived in South Carolina, I was miserable. They have 2 temperatures there: hot and warm. It just wasn't for me. I love the summer sun on my face, the sand in my toes and swimming in the ocean. I love the foliage and colors of fall, the smell of chimney smoke in the air and Sundays on the couch, in my big comfy sweats, watching football with my hubby. Though the short, dark days of winter can sometimes be depressing, I love the first snow, snuggling by a fire, hot cocoa and a white Christmas. Spring brings new life: flowers, sun showers, rainbows and soon the approach of summer again.

So, it may be cold now and it may get dark at 4:30 (!) but I'm looking forward to the holidays at home with my family. The warmth and love of my family is enough to keep me warm. And without the cold and dark of winter, the new life and beauty of spring wouldn't be right around the corner.

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