Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I posted this on Facebook but I thought it was a pretty good reflection of me, so I decided to post it here too. Sorry to those of you who have now seen it twice!

1) I do not believe in romantic love at first sight, but when I saw my cousins’ children and my niece for the first time I instantly fell in love. It makes me want children of my own.
2) The smell of chimney smoke makes me feel at home.
3) I HATE owing anyone money, including credit card and utility companies. I pay my bills the same day they come in the mail.
4) I love the fact that as a woman I can be just about anything I want to be, but I would be more than happy just being a wife and mother.
5) I rarely drink or take any kind of medications because I hate feeling even the tiniest bit out of complete control of my body.
6) It drives me crazy when people say that they accept “civil unions” as long as it’s not called “marriage.” Love is love people. What it’s called makes no difference!
7) My hair is NATURALLY this blond!
8) I enjoy knitting and think it is relaxing and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it.
9) I LOVE weddings, especially when they clearly represent the bride and groom’s personalities.
10) I am a color coding fanatic.
11) I hate soda and beer because of the carbonation.
12) I love that my husband knows when there’s something wrong with me even if I lie really well and tell him there isn’t.
13) I have a compulsive need to take care of other people – even if it means not taking care of myself. I have been trying to be more selfish.
14) My family is crazy and I still wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.
15) I’m terrified that I won’t be as good a parent as my parents have been to me and my sister.
16) I’m addicted to Google Reader and my favorite blogs.
17) When people ask me when I’m going to have kids IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF. I’m often rude in my response because it’s none of their business and because I’m scared that when we do decide to have kids, that I won’t be able to get pregnant.
18) My little sister’s determination and motivation to always get what she wants, in love and in life, is a constant inspiration to me.
19) My husband and I couldn’t be more opposite and he couldn’t be more perfect for me.
20) Writing in my blog is better than therapy.
21) I hate deciding what to make for dinner but love cooking.
22) I have worked with my best friend at 3 different jobs.
23) I have a Bachelors degree in Marine Biology and I only consider it an expensive piece of paper that is framed on my living room wall.
24) I easily get stuck in routines. I like my routines. I get anxiety if people mess with my routines.
25) My husband dances with me in the kitchen almost every night. Sometimes I think about us still doing this when we’re 70 and I can’t stop smiling for hours.

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