Thursday, February 12, 2009

A childhood favorite

With this strange February warm streak, the hubby and I have been walking almost everyday. It's amazing what a little fresh air and exercise can do for you! I feel great! In addition, for the past month or so, we have been trying to eat healthier. I'm a pretty healthy eater for the most part anyway, but since I've been trying to get the hubby to give up soda, I decided to try to cut back on some of my unhealthy habits as well.

My guilty pleasures tend to include fatty deliciousness such as butter and cheese. My hubby on the other hand is a sugar head and falls victim to soda, candy and ice cream. Despite our different downfalls, we've both been doing really well! I'm quite proud of our progress as a matter of fact.

However, today I cheated a little bit on the healthy eating kick. I had a craving for a childhood favorite and I couldn't resist. That's right folks, I made myself a fluffernutter sandwich and it was ooey gooey goodness!

I used to think that everyone had experienced the fluffernutter sandwich in their childhood. However, when I lived in South Carolina, I was shocked to learn that my co-workers had never even heard of Fluff, never mind a fluffernutter. I was on a mission to make them all fluffernutters, but it turns out Fluff is pretty difficult to find in the south! I checked about 4 different grocery stores before I ended up finding a dusty bottle hidden on a shelf in CVS. I proceeded to make fluffernutters for all my co-workers. Some thought it was just weird, some wouldn't even try it and some thought I made this "crazy" sandwich up!

I was pleased to show them that I was not crazy, and that the "recipe" is, in fact, on the container!

For those of you poor, deprived blog readers that have never experienced the ooey gooey deliciousness of a fluffernutter sandwich, this is what one looks like:

Please keep in mind that in an attempt to be somewhat healthy,
I only made myself half a sandwich today.
In addition, I used whole wheat bread but, traditionally,
this delicacy is made on good ole white bread.

Anyway, if you've never made a fluffernutter sandwich before, relax, it's easy! There are some general rules however.

1) Traditionally, and for the most authentic experience,
you need 2 slices of good ole white bread.

2) As you can see from my photograph, you must never, and I
mean NEVER, layer the peanut butter and fluff on top of one
another. The peanut butter must go on one piece of bread and
the fluff goes on the other. No exceptions! (If you decide to go
for a half sandwich like I did today, the PB goes on one side
and the fluff on the other.)

3) Please, for the sake of my slightly obsessive compulsive
personality, do not stick the knife with peanut butter on it into
the fluff jar or vice versa! Get a new knife or clean it off in between!

4) Put your two pieces of bread together
( or fold your single piece of bread)
and the ooey gooey goodness is created!

5) Enjoy! But before biting into it, there is a technique....
Make sure the slice of bread that has the fluff on it is on top.
This prevents the dreaded PB stuck to the
roof of your mouth situation!

So there you have it! I hope you all go make (and enjoy!) a fluffernutter sandwich now! I know I certainly enjoyed mine! :)

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little miss spy said...

first of all akldfja;ldkfja;lkjdf;aljdf
second of all YUCKY! i hate fluff :-P