Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring Fever!

Yes, I am aware that it is only the beginning of February. And no, I did not forget that I live in New England. But it is almost 60 degrees out today and I've got spring feeeevaaaa!

The hubby and I went for a nice long walk today!! It is just gorgeous outside and it's nice to get some exercise and fresh air. I know that come Saturday it is supposed to be back down in the 30s, so I'm milking the next few days for all they're worth!

I also cleaned out my freezer today, another thing crossed off my list! I'm still working on picking out wedding pictures to print for my albums. There are a lot more pictures than I remember so I think it may take a few more days. I want to work on it some more today, but it's just too nice out to sit inside. Maybe I'll take the laptop out on the porch and sit out there to do it...

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