Monday, February 16, 2009

My hubby is never leaving the living room again

My hubby's birthday was in September and I promised him a leather recliner as a birthday gift. Well, he couldn't find one that he liked and then we both found out we were going to be losing our jobs. So the recliner got put on hold.

Yesterday, after updating our finances, I realized that we had enough money to get him the recliner if he could find one that he liked. So we headed to a furniture store that we hadn't been to yet, and HE FOUND ONE! It's chocolate brown leather and SUPER COMFY!

Our small living room is extremely cramped now, but he's happy so that's all that matters. The smell of new leather doesn't hurt much either. ;) Hopefully sometime in the near future we'll have a bigger living room to fit all of our furniture in more comfortably!

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