Saturday, February 21, 2009

Everything Little Miss

I've talked a lot about my best friend, little miss spy, in my posts. We met in 6th grade and I'd say I've considered her my best friend since about 8th grade. That's about 13 years!! We've been through so much together and I am extremely grateful that she is a part of my life. She has been an especially important part of the recent events in my life, as she truly understands like no one else can, and she inspires me to be creative and enjoy every second of my life!

Anyway, she is starting her own business and I am so proud of her and so happy for her!!! Not only is she a great friend, but she is amazingly creative and as sweet as can be. She designed our wedding invitations, she does business cards and website design, and has the cutest note cards. Plus, she's posting new stuff all the time! So go visit her new website and support her new business!! I promise you'll love her as much as I do!

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little miss spy said...

aww. thank you for the sweet, sweet words (and the plug!). xoxox