Saturday, April 25, 2009

funny story and my handsome hubby

I woke up early this morning, after a horrible night's sleep, and my husband was already up. My horrible night's sleep was due to a combination of my husband's horrible new snoring pattern and bed hogging, some REALLY vivid dreams, and the dancing vampire children upstairs. Have I mentioned how happy I am to move next Friday!? I digress...

So, I walk into the living room where my dear husband (DH) is watching ESPN. He looks at me and this is the conversation that follows:

DH: Did you not sleep well either, hunny?
Me: Either?!?! Trust me you slept!
DH: What are you talking about? I barely slept all night.
Me: Oh really? I must have been imagining the snoring that kept me awake for 2 hours after I came to bed.
DH: I'm sorry.
Me: Oh that's ok. It was worse when you practically rolled over on top of me and tried to use me as a body pillow and I couldn't get you to move. It was like a sauna, I probably lost a few pounds.
DH with an evil grin: I just wanted to cuddle.
Me: HA!
DH: Well, at least you slept this morning. The kids upstairs were pounding on the floor. I couldn't sleep through it, I had to get up.
Me: Oh, I heard it! I also heard you get up and thought, "GREAT! Maybe I can get half an hour's sleep now!"

hahahahaha Oh, how I love him!! Isn't he handsome??

I just love this photo I took of him! You can see a few more I took of him here.

Anyway, I've had my green tea and it's already a gorgeous day! It's supposed to be 80 here, so maybe I'll take a nap out in the sunshine!


Sonya said...

Funny story!! My DH snores too. I am suprised that it doesn't rattle the windows, that is how loud he is!!! Great pictures.

MomE said...

Like the new blog header. The "evil grin" and excuse of cuddling sounds familiar...hahaha! My hubs also undoes the sheet from the bottom of the bed with his

Katrina said...

Oh my goodness my husband is guilty of these same things. I'll nudge him when he starts snoring and he insists he was never asleep to begin with haha :)

Great picture and I love the new blog design!

Native American Momma said...

haha I just love nights like that. My husband was stressed out for awhile went through a phase where he would wake me up and argue with me about stuff that like dishes are done or not. He never remembered and always woke up to find me on the couch.
I was on the couch because I found out his sleeper personality wouldn't leave the bedroom. I would leave and he would fall back to bed.