Wednesday, April 1, 2009

random ramblings

I can't think concisely enough this morning for a post that actually makes sense. So, bullet points it is!
  • I cannot sleep anymore. No matter when I get in bed, it takes me an hour to fall asleep and I have the most vivid dreams all night that I just don't rest. I'm so tired.

  • I'm started to get a little antsy being unemployed. Why can't someone just call me for an interview?!

  • Similarly, do you have any idea how extremely frustrating it is to be called overqualified?! I need a job! I will work hard for you! What do you care about my potential to do a harder job? That's for me to decide.

  • I burned about 20 DVDs of all my photos yesterday in preparation for the possibility of this April Fool's Day virus. The hubby thinks the joke is that there is no virus, and the rumors were started by the companies that manufacture the blank DVDs everyone is backing up on. lol

  • We're heading up to little miss spy's apartment for dinner with her and the schwarz tonight! I'm really excited to see her and give her the birthday gifts I have for her!

  • I'm loving all the comments about your best friends!

  • If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, you only have until Friday at midnight EST, so hop to it! You don't want to miss this awesome prize!


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I am not even unemployed yet, and am already antsy about the interview process. Not that there are any job to interview for.
Now, I don't see it on your blog, but what is your profession?
And, the overqualified thing? Doesnt that bite? I know around here they don't want to hire, because they figure you will leave when something better comes along. Duh, of course we will, but still...

*sara* said...

Profession...hmmm...that's a loaded question! lol My degree is in Marine Biology and Psychology. At my most recent job, I was Head of Supply and Operations for a company that developed health care related software. And since being laid off I've decided to go back to school and I'm now working towards a degree in photography (while looking for a job doing just about anything at this point!) So profession...student of life?? lol :)

I've gotten the overqualified bit a few times and it's just horrible. There's so few places hiring as it is...