Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Wednesday...

...and I'm wondering how many of you check out other people's wedding rings?

I often catch myself looking at people's wedding rings. I've done this since I became engaged myself and it's really quite interesting.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to see if people are married...I'm a happily married gal! I just think that the many different kinds of engagement and wedding rings, on men and women, are really interesting! I like to think it tells me a little bit about what that person is like.

There are so many different kinds of rings! Yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Plain and smooth, carved, diamonds, no diamonds. Big diamonds, little diamonds, and sometimes other gem stones. Round cut, princess cut, marquise cut, pear cut. And many different combinations of these descriptions. Some women wear just a wedding band and some wear a wedding band and an engagement ring.

Not only is it interesting to think about what the person might be like based on what their rings look like, but it's interesting to think about what those rings mean to that person. Do they see it as a symbol of their marriage? Or just a piece of jewelry? Do they plan on "upgrading" in a few years? Or can they not imagine ever trading them in?

Another thing I think about is, "Do they ever take them off?" I know my grandmother is dead set on never taking her wedding band off. In 51 years, she has only taken it off ONCE, and only because she had to have it re-sized. Personally, I always take mine off when I'm putting on lotion or putting gel in my hair. All that stuff gets gunked up in between the diamonds and just makes it harder to clean. But if it's off for too long, my hand just feels naked! Then there are people like my dad who, when he was a laborer, never wore his ring because if it got caught in a piece of machinery, he could lose a finger or hand!

With all this thinking about wedding rings, I got to thinking about my rings. Do other people look at my rings? Do they give people an idea about what I am like? Maybe. But since my husband picked them out, maybe they give people an idea about what my husband thinks I'm like. Or maybe both, since hopefully my husband knows me pretty well!

Anyway, you should check out people's wedding rings! They are pretty interesting and can really get you thinking!


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Cool thoughts! I often check others rings as well. I wouldn't say mine matches my personality, but hubs chose it, so I wear it! (I asked for emerald cut, got round...)
My hand too feels naked w/out my rings. I only take mine off when I work out w/weights or put lotion on. My hubby? He has lost 2 wedding rings! Both of them in the lake. In fact, his one now? Veerrry loose, so I imagine we will buy another one soon!

Sonya said...

I always check out other peoples rings. From the day that I got engaged it was kind of an obsession. I think 6 years later it isn't so bad!
My ring is a symbol of my marriage, my love for my husband and his love for me. I take mine off every night when I go to bed because my hands swell at night, other wise I would leave them on and only take them off when I am putting on lotion or cooking something really messy. My rings are very important to me and I don't think I will every trade them in or get an upgraded diamond. The one I have is plenty big and it is so special!!!

*sara* said...

I wouldn't trade mine in either Sonya! My hubby always says he wants to get me a bigger diamond one day but it's too sentimental to me. I wouldn't trade it for the world!