Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday again, and I know you know what that means! It's time to confess all the things we haven't done this week! MckMama's youngest son, Stellan, is still in the hospital, but he seems to be doing better! He was even moved out of the PICU! He's not out of the woods yet though, and there's a possibility that he still might have to come to Boston for surgery, but things are starting to look up for this adorable little boy. MckMama is, understandably, not feeling up to posting a Not Me! Monday this week, but you can head over to her blog to read about how little Stellan is doing.

As for me...

It did not make me sad that my hubby had to work yesterday, and we couldn't go home to be with our family for Easter. I did not want to see my cousin's kids running around in my grandparents' yard looking for Easter eggs, in their cute little Easter outfits, like we used to. As a result, I did not eat so much chocolate to try and cheer myself up, and since my Lenten chocolate fast was over, that I gave myself a stomach ache!

In another attempt to make myself feel better, I did not make a huge Easter dinner for just me and my hubby!

I definitely did not get out the cloth napkins and napkin rings to make it a little fancier either!

Without knowing it, my sister and I did not both make banana pudding Saturday night, in preparation for our Easter dinners with our hubbies! We are not two of a kind! I most certainly do not miss her like crazy. And I did not say a prayer for the inventor of Skype yesterday because I was so happy to see her face!

Finally, I do not love my tripod and how it allows us to capture memories without the dreaded arm-stretch-super-close-up shot!

Nope, not me!


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

yay! I think it is great that you made an easter dinner for you both. Too much chocolate? Hmm, wouldn't happen here!
I am loving the new pic of you and hubby!

EL at Through My Own Lens said...

Awww...sounds like a nice day, except for the missing your DH part! We did lots of Skyping too since we're not living near any of our families!

GodseySix said...

What a fabulous picture of you and your husband! I did not laugh out loud when you mentioned the "dreaded arm-stretch-super-close-up shot" because those are the ONLY pictures my hubby and I have together! :) Happy Monday to you! Have a great week!

(And I got my cards in the mail last week...they are even prettier (is that a word?) in person! Thank you...AGAIN!)