Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finishing up the questions!

First, thank you all for your thoughtful questions! I had a lot of fun thinking about them and answering them! I hope you learned a little something new about me, and for all the new people who commented or emailed me, I haven't had a chance to really start checking out your blogs yet, but things are starting to settle down a little bit so I'm hoping to make the rounds soon and start getting to know you!

OK, I think I only have 2 questions left to answer!
  • How did I makeover my blog?
There's a really good tutorial over at The Cutest Blog on the Block! I used that as a guideline, found some digital scrapbooking papers that a liked and played around with them in Paint Shop Pro 9. PSP9 is my photo editing program of choice, but you could probably use just about any program you have. I don't remember where I found the digital scrapbooking papers that I used, but there are lots and lots of websites where you can get them for free. And I remember making a few adjustments to the numbers in the tutorial, and playing around with it until it fit my blog the way I wanted it to, but I don't remember what those changes were. So, that's what I did! Sorry I wasn't very specific, but that tutorial is really helpful!
  • Where did I live when I lived in the South?
I lived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for about a year and a half when my husband was in golf school down there. I know, I know...whenever I tell anyone this they're shocked that I hated it and tell me what a great vacation spot they think it is! It very well may be a great vacation spot, but living there just wasn't for us. My husband and I grew up in small towns in the mountains. We are not city people at all! I found the people (in general) to be rude and cold, I hated the traffic everywhere you went, and I longed for mountains, grass, trees and all four seasons.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the ocean and I'm glad we lived there! It was great to experience a new place, it was where we lived together, really on our own, for the first time, and it is where my sweet, sweet hubby proposed to me. It is a place and time in my life that I'll never forget, but in the end I'm a small-town, New England girl at heart!

Well, that's it for the questions I think! If I forgot any, or if you have something you're just dying to ask, please let me know! I do have a few things I want to try to get done today, but I'm hoping to have time later to finally post about my long weekend home! If not tonight, definitely tomorrow!


Sonya said...

I have never been to Myrtle Beach but I hear it is nice. I am a small town girl myself and I can see how you probably wouldn't like to live in a big city.

Thanks for the info on the blog makeover! Mine could really use one. :)

GodseySix said...

Yes! Whoever asked the blog makeover question~GREAT QUESTION! I was wondering the same thing! It looks great!

I've never been to Myrtle Beach, but it is on my list of vacation spots to hit at some point in my life. Plus I think the name sounds cool. Wouldn't mind having a shirt with "Myrtle Beach" on it. :)

Loved all the questions! Wish there were more! You'll have to do this again sometime.