Thursday, May 7, 2009

This creaky old house

I love how every house has it's own personality. When you first move into a new place there are so many new things to adjust to, like the creak of the floorboards, the sound of the refrigerator humming, or the smell of a gas stove when you're used to electric.

These are all things I'm starting to get adjusted to here. One thing that's strange to me is how quiet it is here. Coming from a house where there were kids upstairs driving us crazy running around all the time, the quiet is nice but at the same time strange.

The owner of the house and his new wife live upstairs. They are about our age and really, really nice, down-to-Earth people. I have noticed that she tends to do laundry every single day though. Every day?! How do the two of them have that much laundry?!? Is she just throwing 3 t-shirts in the washer at a time? I know for the two of us, I only need to do one load of lights and one load of darks on Saturday and we're good for the week! Once in awhile I can even get away with throwing it all in together and just doing one load. And we have enough towels to make it about a month before I have enough to wash a batch of those.

Also, it's an old house. Our landlord has done an amazing job fixing it up though and you can tell that he takes pride in his work. They have put in all top of the line appliances and he was hesitant to let me put curtain rods up and hang pictures on the walls because they would put holes in the walls. But it's still an old house. The handles on the doors are really old and don't lock. They even have a key hole for an old school key.

And the floors creak. Now I can get used to the creaks in our floors, but their bedroom floor, above our bedroom, is REALLY creaky! He gets up for work around 5:30 in the morning and there's a lot of noisy walking around. Granted, it's nowhere near as annoying as our last place, but it's one thing I don't think I'm going to get used to here. There are just some things you have to learn to live with I guess!

But overall, we are SO HAPPY here already! Yesterday afternoon around 3, there was a break in the rain and the sun came out. We made burgers on the grill for dinner, ate outside on our new porch and enjoyed a glass of wine and a beer with each other. It doesn't get much better than that...


MomE said...

I guess I have other reasons for worrying about hearing what's coming from the bedroom of the newly weds above, ahem...! Hahaha! It does look like a lovely...charming...home! I'm glad you are happy with it!

Sonya said...

Moving into a new place is always so much fun. The door handles look really cool. I love old houses that have been fixed up but still have a bit of the old house to give them character! I bet you will get used to those creaks in no time!!

4under3 said...

I know exactly what you mean about houses and their quirks.

We have 2 creaks in our house. One is in our loft, between 2 of our children's rooms. When I check on them at bedtime, I always know where to walk so that there's no creak. Same with our main floor. In the morning, I have to dodge an area to get to the kitchen so that I don't wake anyone early.


And, I love your vintage door handles.