Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday again, and I hope by now you all know that that means it's time for us to confess all the things we didn't do this week! I never thought I'd actually look forward to Monday, but there's nothing like a little denial confession and laughter to re-energize the soul! After you read about my week, you can head over to MckMama's blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week too.

Last Monday, I did not spend an unhealthy amount of time online waiting for MckMama to post her NMM and Mr. Linky. I absolutely did not get overwhelmed with the number of people doing NMM now and I did not feel so bad that I couldn't even come close to reading everyone's Not Me's that I began to just click on completely random names with no game plan and for no reason what-so-ever! It certainly wasn't noon before I showered! Nope!

I did not have a really bad day, emotionally, on Tuesday and did not cry for a good majority of the day. I am much more emotionally stable than that and never let myself get that sad over something I can't control. I am NOT a control freak! Nope, not me! I am also not extremely grateful for good friends, new and old, IRL and from blogland, and for their thoughts, prayers and kind words of encouragement! And I am not especially grateful for my good friends the Oreos...

No, I did not eat all those Oreos on Tuesday! I would never use food to fill an emotional void!!

A few of the Oreos actually went into the dirt dessert that my 26 year old husband did not request that I make last week. Nope, he is not a BIG kid! And he certainly didn't eat the majority of it in about 3 days!

And after taking this photo, I did not decide that it was perfectly fine to eat the small remaining amount as my lunch! Nope, certainly not me! I know too much about nutrition and take care of my body too well to do such a thing!

Moving on...

Seeing how I have very strong urges to have everything in it's designated place, with no unnecessary clutter laying around, I would never ever do laundry on a Saturday and let my husband's work shirts lay on the guest bed until Wednesday before I ironed them! I do not hate ironing that much!


I did not think that We Art week was so much fun that I posted for it both Wednesday and Thursday! Nope! And everyone's really sweet comments did not totally lift my spirits!

I do not totally love the word totally, and I am not totally pumped that my lettuce is coming up and growing like crazy! Not me! I do not love growing my own veggies and herbs. And I do not love eating them either!

Finally, my stunningly gorgeous little sister did not turn 24 years old yesterday. It does not seem impossible and make me feel incredibly old! Nope! I was not sad that she is living so far away and I do not miss her beautiful face like crazy!

Nope, not me!


Leah said...

We all know how fun MckMama's Monday carnival is! I admit to hanging around my computer Monday mornings waiting for her to post. So, you definitely need to jump over to tomorrow morning to play along with the Toot Your Horn Tuesday posts. It's a great follow-up to this Not Me Monday deceitfullness. Just TRUTHFULLY list all the GREAT things you've done in the past week. Hope you can play!

GodseySix said...

Well, I am not SO glad that you are feeling better. And I was not right there with you refreshing MckMama's blog on Monday. I, too, hate ironong, I love oreos and I also miss your sister. Well, okay maybe I got a little carried away with agreeing with everything you posted. But if I knew your sister, I bet I would probably miss her, too! :) Loved your post this week! Happy Monday!

Booklover1212 said...

Big hugs!! I hope you're having a better week! Don't worry - I think Oreo therapy is the best form of therapy - and a heck of a lot cheaper too!

Happy birthday to your sister too!

~ Jennifer

Katrina said...

I was definitely not refreshing MckMama's blog last week (or right this very moment) either-- and did not giggle when I realized we were about two entries away from each other!

P.S. Thanks for voting for me!! I definitely appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

I also just randomly click around. Glad I am not the only one!
I have a very faithful friend called oreo too. We get along just fine!

Mel's Mom said...

Sara, your name ;)

Second...I don't blame you for not eating all the Oreo's! I would have too if they were available.

Hope things get better for you!

Jessica said...

I am a random Not Me clicker as well! And I clicked on YOUR page!

:) Love it!

The Brownsteins said...

I am a first time random NOT ME clicker today and your blog was the first one I clicked on because of the fun name.
Love the oreos all eaten...makes me feel good about the whole bag of Snickiddy snacks that I like to eat sometimes.

Sonya said...

I love Oreos too! We went to a picnic yesterday and there was some desert made from Oreo cookies. My husband asked me what it was and my response was "who cares it has oreos in it!"

I also just randomly click on links for the NMM. I never make it through them all, sadly!

Kelly said...

I can't read all the not me posts either but I had to find out the meaning behind your blog name.

I also do not spend hours online reading blogs and blogging rather than cleaning the house.

And you think your ironing is bad. I never iron and the kids basket of clean clothes is still unfolded from 2 weeks ago and I have already done another load of their clothes which is also unfolded.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

I am totally craving an Oreo dirt dessert now!!!

E @ Scottsville said...

Hey, Sara!!! What a beautiful picture of you and your sister. That's awesome.

And you're complaining that you left some shirts neatly on a guestbed before ironing them? Oh goodness, you need to come to my house, organize me, and become my new BESTIE so I can get organized!!!

I love my bloggy-friends too and they do totally, totally, totally lift my spirits when I'm down and the IRL friends tear me down. ha ha ha

Take care!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

okay, where to start.
1~ Corey and I are seriously looking into hiring someone to do our ironing next year, we both hate it so much!
2- Love the pic, as always
3- cute shot of the sis and you
4- oreos do fill the void, don't they?!?

Brittany Ann said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

And I do NOT love dirt cake with all my heart, and no matter how old I get , I will NOT think eating it for lunch is the best idea I've ever heard!

Jeanette "Frogster" said...

I am totally not a random blog clicker on Not Me Mondays! :) enjoyed reading your post. I hope that whatever got you down last week is gone and that this week is awesome for you!
and I have a question - why iron? i think my man would die of shock if I ever ironed his shirts! :) dampen them a little with water and toss in the dryer for a few minutes - works like a charm. ;)

Ashley said...

I totally do the same thing and just randomly click on people's links to read their Not me's! There are so many, I have no clue how anyone could get through it all!