Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom is a very special lady, and since it's Mother's Day, I thought I'd take a minute to write about her a little bit.

My mom and I didn't always get along so well. I was a horrible pre-teen and teenage girl and thought she worried too much, was way over-protective, asked too many questions and there was no way she understood me. If someone told me I was just like my mother, I was offended. Looking back, I was horribly mean to her. But as I've matured, I have been able to look at her in a different light and truly appreciate the amazing woman she is and the wonderful influence she's been on me and my sister.

My mom (and dad for that matter!) raised my sister and I to always put family first. She sacrificed and did everything in her power to make sure that my sister and I had everything we could ever want or need. She taught us the value of hard work and that nothing comes for free. She taught us to be responsible with money. She taught us to love unconditionally, and to give of ourselves even without the possibility of praise or reward. She taught us the value of a true friend is worth more than any number of acquaintances. She taught us to be independent women, but also that it is OK to ask for help. She taught with her words and she led by example.

My mom (and dad) taught us that marriage is hard work! It is not a fairy tale. They taught us how to fight fair. They taught us about forgiveness, trust and faithfulness.They taught us to love with everything that we have. They taught us respect. They taught us to never give up. They taught us that love is not about giving gifts, but that love is the gift to be given. They taught us all this, and then accepted our husbands into the family and treated them like they were their own flesh and blood.

My mom is right there beside us on this road that is life. She has let us make our own mistakes, and has been right there to help us back up when we trip and fall. She has protected us with a love that, I can imagine, only a mother must know. She has encouraged us and supported us in every single thing we have chosen to do. She has stood by our sides with unconditional love and support and pushed us to continue to pursue our dreams. She has taught us that we can do anything that we put our minds to and she has believed in us even when we didn't believe in ourselves.

Without my mom, I would not be the person I am today. Every day, I thank God for the family and life I was given. She may be overprotective and she may ask a million questions, but she is an incredibly loving, supportive, caring person, a person I am truly blessed to call my mother. And now when someone tells me I'm just like my mom, I couldn't be more proud. One of my biggest fears is that someday, when I become a mother myself, I won't even come close to measuring up to her. But I know that when that day comes, she'll still be right there beside me encouraging me and loving me, and I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

Wishing all the Moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day!!


Angie said...

That was a wonderful post! It's wonderful to have a mom like that.

little miss spy said...

i love your mom too. and she was like my second mom in high school.

yay for excellent moms (and dads)!

(you're my third mom, so happy mother's day to you as well.)

Sonya said...

How sweet!! I bet your mom is very proud to have a daughter like you!! Happy Mother's Day to your mom!

Jennifer said...

Awww... what a nice post. I'm hoping my daughter some day will write a similar one because we are going through those sometimes rocky teenage years right now.

GodseySix said...

What a very sweet tribute to your mom. And a beautiful picture, as well!