Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Apple Pie, Moving & my 100th post!

This is my 100th post! Woooohoooo...hopefully many, many more to come!

Anyway, I was feeling domestic last night, so I made an apple pie. :) I found a new recipe in one of my cookbooks that I wanted to try out, so I figured Monday night was a good enough reason! *hahaha*

Here it is ready to go into the oven! And here it is just about to come out!

It looks good, right?? Well, if I'm honest, it was a bit of a disaster and I'm not quite sure why. Despite cooking it for about 15 minutes longer than it said to, the apples were still a little crunchy and the crust was a little uncooked in the center. I had to take it out though because the topping was starting to burn. Thankfully, apples with sugar and cinnamon taste pretty good even if they're not as soft as they should be, and my hubby will eat just about anything you put in front of him!

In other news, we're moving May 1st! We've moved just about every year since 2005, so I was a little hesitant about this. But the people upstairs are so loud, annoying and disrespectful that I could never just relax. I had been looking on craigslist every once in a while just to see what was out there, and I found what seemed to be a really nice apartment for $50 less per month than we pay now. I figured it couldn't hurt to just look at it, so the hubby and I went to check it out.

It has 3 bedrooms instead of the 2 we have now, the bathroom is bigger, there's a private driveway that we wouldn't have to share with anyone else, washer/dryer hook-ups and there's a backyard! Not to mention, it is just the owner and his wife that live upstairs. That means no more of what sounds like rollerskating kids 24/7 above us! The only thing that was on our wishlist that it didn't have was an extra half bath, but the bathroom it does have is at least twice the size of ours now. The closets are a lot smaller so that makes me a little nervous, but overall I think we're going to be a lot happier there. So we went for it!

Now I just have to deal with the packing and moving again. *ugh* I'm not happy about that, but thank GOD for my parents! If they didn't help us move every time, I think the hubby and I would have killed each other years ago! The thought of possibly being able to plant a garden will hopefully get me through... :)

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GodseySix said...

Well, the pie certainly *looks* good! Good luck with your upcoming move!

And I loved the pregnancy test thing on your NMM post. I was cracking up, because I did NOT do the very same thing this week. The only difference: my tubes are tied! Can we say pointless? lol! :)

MomE said...

Some baking advice that might work...knock the temp down (some ovens run hot). When things come out uncooked but the top is burning...you need lower, slower...so increased time too. Cover the top with tin foil...then remove it near the end to brown up for you. YOU ARE SO BLESSED to have a hubs that'll eat anything! HA! Congrats on the moving...hope it works out for you!!!

*sara* said...

Thanks for the baking advice, that's good to know! :) I did have it covered with foil for the first 40 minutes like the recipe called for, but maybe I should leave it on longer next time. But in a month I'll have a new oven to get used to! lol

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I moved about 5 times in as many years too, it isn't fun is it? The longest we've ever been anywhere is our current 3 1/2 years, and we are already getting antsy! I think the new place sounds great though!

Sonya said...

Well at least your pie looks good!! Congrats on the move. I hope you like your new place. I hate moving. :)