Monday, March 16, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Welcome back to "Not Me!" Monday! where MckMama, and anyone else who wants to participate, can be brutally honest and live to tell about it. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. But only after you've read what I haven't been up to, of course! ;)

After my first "Not Me!" Monday, I did not miss two in a row while I was helping my sister move. I am much more dedicated to my blog than that!! And despite my clear dedication to my blog, I did not steal, ummm, I mean borrow the internet signal from my sister's new neighbors, while we were waiting for hers to get hooked up, so I could keep up with all of my favorite blogs to read. That would just be wrong!!

And after spending two weeks with my family, I was definitely not totally relieved to have peace and quiet when we got home, and to sit and relax, just me and my hubby. I actually do love my family [for real I do] and they would never start to drive me up an 'effin wall! crazy after two weeks!!

Being the good Catholic that I am, I gave up chocolate for Lent and I am not desperate for just a tiny little piece of dark chocolate.

And I absolutely would not have to hide the two boxes of Girl Scout cookies (with chocolate on them) that I bought, in the back of the freezer where they're hard to get at. I have much more will power than that and can totally resist temptation without doing such a silly thing!

(I had to take 3 or 4 things out of the freezer
to take this picture. That's how far back
I haven't hidden them!)
And if I did do such a thing, part of my reasoning would not be so that my hubby doesn't find out that I bought them and eat them all before Easter!

In addition, I most definitely have not been a complete lazy bum this past week. And knowing everything I do about nutrition, there's no way that I would skip breakfast every single day this past week and not eat a single thing until after noon because of the aforementioned laziness. I also didn't split my favorite photos from Washington D.C. into 5 different posts (family, flags, monuments, memorials & buildings, Arlington Cemetery and details) and post them all on Monday so I wouldn't have to post all week!
Finally, I certainly wouldn't justify buying a cute new pair of black, peep-toe heels at just the possibility of a job interview this week!

Nope, not me!!

Phewww...I feel better now! Can you be brutally honest and live to tell about it too?


little miss spy said...

i spy with my little eye a certain ice pack in your freezer that reminds me a life i'm glad to have left behind.

miss you tons - good luck with lent :) tell me about the potential interview!

*sara* said...

*hahahaha* I'm glad I left that life behind too! But I'll tell ya, that ice pack was used many times during all the moving the last 2 weeks!!

Natalie said...

Awesome NMM!!!!

Lynette said...

Those are cute shoes you did not buy!

seriously? said...

Girl Scout cookies were made by the devil himself. I find it interesting that the cookies come just in time for Lent. :)

Kameron said...

I would hide the cookies too. The caramel delights are my favorite. Do you remember when they were called Samoas?? Oh and I love your shoes! Have a great week fellow New Englander!

fmattso said...

I gave up lifesavers for Lent! I an so NOT addicted to them that while in the grocery store the other day I seriously did not grab a bag and smell them totally humiliating my 12 year old daughter in the process! Good luck!

Great-Full Mom said...

Frozen thin mints..... very hard to give up!

Your Not Me's made me laugh. I love the shoes you didn't buy!


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Does feel good, doesn't it? To be brutally honest that is! Surviving 2 weeks of family? That is amazing!
have a great week!

GodseySix said...

Hi Sara! Thanks for visiting the blog! I think all of these "Not Me Mondays" are just a HOOT! I'll be checking back in...I LOVE your pictures. Fabulous!

mom24boys said...

I don't have any frozen thin mints hidden away, either! Not for a Lenten promise, but to keep them from my many men! ;)

MelArcile said...

Willpower is something I do not have. I would remember about those cookies in a couple of days and... well, I won't elaborate! Great list! Thanks for stopping by, even if it was just my "clever" name!

Scuba Girl said...

Hey! I don't have Thin Mints in my freezer, either! But, I don't have THREE boxes!

Love, love, LOVE the shoes! What size are they? :)

*sara* said...

It's a funny story about the size actually...

I have BIG feet and usually I wear a 9 1/2 or 10! The biggest size they had in the store was only an 8 1/2 and I REALLY liked these shoes, so I tried them on anyway. And, surprisingly, they fit like a glove!

I knew then that it was just meant to be ;)

Khordaddy said...

I totally understand the chocolate thing. I gave chocolate up at New Years, and it's been so hard! Lots of Somoas sitting in my freezer too!